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About Us

About Us

Our team is made up of elite personal coaches & nutritionist coaches located in Los Angeles, CA.


Over the last 8 years, we have worked with countless clients focusing on weight loss & fat loss, muscle gain, cross training, and general health and wellness. 


We believe fitness and exercise should be made enjoyable so that it becomes an integral part of someones daily life, as opposed to a temporary plan or program.  We work with every client to achieve real results that can be maintained over a lifetime, through customized meal plans and exercise programs that are simple to sustain. 


Our primary focus is on life coaching, and equipping you with the proper tools to succeed not only within health and fitness, but within every avenue of your life.


Our values

What we believe

Getting and staying in shape can be a constant battle - knowing what to eat, how to workout, and most importantly, how to stay consistent. These are the questions we answer for you. Join a growing community of successful client stories, built through thousands of hours of expertise.

what we believe

Step by step

We’re not here to sell you unrealistic expectations. No overnight six-pack. Just healthy choices and a roadmap that can carry you to your goals.

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Abs are built in the kitchen

Exercise is crucial, but it isn’t everything. All of our success stories have built a strong foundation on a regimented and healthy diet.

Week by week consistency

We believe in creating a long lasting relationship with all of our clients, so you always have consistent access to a knowledgeable coach. Pick the right level for you and cancel anytime.

Personal Desk



Eric specializes in muscle hypertrophy and lean muscle muscle gain, and his unique training style leaves his clients feeling accomplished after every workout. 


He is one of the most innovative trainers, constantly evolving his exercise base, using equipment and machines in ways most people would never consider.  He has pioneered modern day body building by focusing on constant muscle isolation through time under tension techniques that help develop lean muscle much more efficiently. 


Alongside his training, Eric focuses heavily on nutrition to complement his clients' progress in the gym.  His nutrition plans are very detailed, and made easy to follow, so clients can achieve the physique they want.

Eric has also competed in a number of bodybuilding and physique competitions, and has coached a number of clients through successful contest preps.


Alina specializes in weight loss, fat loss, and cross training, as well as sports based strength and conditioning programming.  She customizes all workouts to fit each person's specific schedule, areas of focus, and desired goals.  


Her unique training style allows clients to learn and understand how different exercise modalities affects their unique body type.  

Her extensive knowledge of nutrition allows her to provide expert guidance to clients so they can best understand the types of foods and eating patterns that will allow them to get the most efficient results. 


Alina's meal plans perfectly complement each workout regimen, taking all the guess work out of eating.

Alina's approach is focused on sustainability, and clients are able to develop the knowledge they need to maintain their results indefinitely.

Ioana has a passion for fitness, coaching and teaching. She works closely with clients of various ages focusing on weight loss, fat loss, and improving body composition. Along side the training regimen, she likes to focus on a holistic approach with every client, as well as provide guidance with nutrition and accountability.

Her goal is to help you create a sustainable lifestyle in and outside of the gym, gain confidence and control, and reach your full potential.


Shon specializes in lean muscle gain, accountability and motivation. He started his fitness journey 20 years ago at 6’4” 148lbs in the United States Air Force.


Through a commitment to consistency in proper nutrition and exercise, he was able to gain over 100lbs of lean muscle. He’s since been helping others reach their fitness potential as a certified personal trainer for the past 15 years.


Utilizing different techniques such as HIIT, time under tension, and old school bodybuilding. Recently turning his attention to helping others stay committed to their fitness goals in these times where a gym isn’t always accessible and the “home gym” is becoming more common.

Patrick Brown is an elite coach based in Hollywood, Ca. Over the past 8 years, Patrick has helped countless clients create the body they’ve always dreamt of. Patrick specializes in weight loss, muscle gain, mobilization, functional movement and major body transformations. With an array of clientele ranging from models & actors to the everyday individual, Patrick is the go to coach. In addition to implementing a training regimen that pushes you both mentally and physically, Patrick also supplies his clientele with nutritional guidance to amplify their results.

What our clients are achieving

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