Faction Training

Create the foundation for a healthy life.

Customized exercise and nutritional programming from two world-class trainers.

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What we believe.

Getting and staying in shape can be a constant battle - knowing what to eat, how to workout, and most importantly, how to stay consistent. These are the questions we answer for you. Join a growing community of successful client stories, built through thousands of hours of expertise.



We’re not here to sell you unrealistic expectations. No overnight six-pack. Just healthy choices and a roadmap that can carry you to your goals.


Abs are built in the kitchen

Exercise is crucial, but it isn’t everything. All of our success stories have built a strong foundation on a regimented and healthy diet.


Week-by-week consistency

We believe in creating a long lasting relationship with all of our clients, so you always have consistent access to a knowledgeable coach. Pick the right level for you and cancel anytime.


Meet your new trainers.

Eric and Alina are two Los Angeles based trainers, dedicated to helping every client achieve their goals. Learn more about their story and what differentiates them from their peers.


Our results.

Her workouts are all challenging but relative to your fitness level. She has a really subtle way of encouraging you to continue even when things with diet and exercise seem impossible. Additionally, she completely re-taught me how to eat.
— Jessica A.
I started training with Eric about 6 months ago, and I came in wanting to put on some considerable muscle mass. Not only has he helped me gain 15 pounds, he’s also made it a really enjoyable/slightly addicting process.
— Taylor N.
Alina created a detailed, custom meal plan & workout plan for me. She followed up with me to answer any questions I had (& was patient with me, because I had a MILLION questions). You can really tell that she has put time & thought into both plans. Throughout the time I worked with Alina, she adjusted my meal plan & workout schedule when I hit plateaus. It’s obvious she’s passionate about fitness & she wants you to succeed.
— Mary T.
I’ve been hitting the gym for years and thought I was well versed but every single session Eric teaches me a new technique or diet tip that had honestly been life changing.
— Anthony M.